Steps To Maintaining a Hassle Free Blog!

Summertime seems to throw me completely off kilter-kids are home, dogs are more excitable, and everyone wants to share that with me.  In saying that, I’ve been more negligent than I would like, and it’s about time I take this blog back with both, bare hands! Sorry folks, I didn’t mean to be gone that long, but I’m back! So let’s dive right in!


A lot of times, when I say ‘you should have a blog for your company’ I get a glazed over look, a complete eye roll, or a complete mental checkout. Blogs aren’t that difficult, when you consider the content is what you already know (yes, I know I stopped blogging for a minute there, but I’m back-let’s focus on that!). Don’t blog harder, blog smarter!

  1. SEO-SEO means Search Engine Optimization, which means when someone Google’s you, you want to be at the top of that search list. If you want to use your blog to boost search engine rankings, make sure it supports all of the features a search engine wants to see (explicit, unique title tags, and good meta description tags).
  2. Stats-Install Google Analytics, or, if you use WordPress, use their own stats tool to find out what’s working on your blog (and what’s not).
  3. Email Updates-Consistency is the secret to success; it’s also incredibly time consuming. Marketing your blog though can be very valuable. Use Feedburner or Feedblitz to market your blog, and automatically send an email each time someone posts to your blog.
  4. RSS Feed-You hear this all the time, but what is it?: It’s a feed that collects articles and content from different online magazines and websites like AOL, Yahoo, and Google. You see the most recent headlines without having to go to each individual site. Add this to your blog as another form of advertising your blog.
  5. Anti-Spaminize-I’ve mentioned a few different options this week on my Facebook page on how to keep spammers out. Here’s another: Captcha. You know that combination of letters and numbers you have to enter into a box? Use this plugin for your website and blog to keep real people in, and spammers out!


Now is a great time to start a blog if you haven’t started one already.  It’s a great time to get those creative juices flowing! So, what are you waiting for?