Hey, Small-Business Owner, Take Time to De-Stress!

As a small business owner you’re your own boss. So that means no stress, right? Ha! Just because you don’t have to worry about impressing the higher-ups doesn’t mean you have no worries at all. In fact, small business owners often are more stressed than regular employees. The same meetings, deadlines and other challenges that most workers face often fall solely on you.

So, what are the major stressors? The folks at the wellness site Thrive Global find that one of the main stressors is managing your workload. Does it feel like you’ve got 25 hours of work to get done in a 24 hour day? One way to ease this type of stress is to start off by writing your priorities down for the day. “Deciding what’s important and what’s not is key to reducing stress and improving productivity — and yes, this will help with your looming deadlines. Of course, everything on your agenda seems important, but in reality, it’s entirely possible to prioritize your day.”

Speaking of writing, entrepreneur.com finds that writing down what causes you stress can help you overcome it. They suggest setting aside time each evening to write down what’s bothering you. Don’t worry if what you write isn’t clear and concise. “Stream-of-consciousness writing is a great way to let out your emotions and can help you overcome mental health challenges.”

It might be tempting to blow-off dealing with your stress. But don’t. According to WebMD, stress can cause health problems ranging from obesity to heart disease to even premature death. So it’s important to get a handle on stress. As Nicole Leinbach-Reyhle writes in Forbes, “Budgeting time to work out, allocating certain hours for family and friends only and choosing to not check emails during certain hours of the day are all proven ways to help manage your busy workload and eliminate stress.” Another way to help with workplace stress is to outsource some of your tasks. Contact us here at Versatel Solutions to see how we can help lighten your workload, and ease your stress-filled days.