How Policies and Procedures Can Help During a Crisis

Most of us are entering the second or third week of a new normal. Because of COVID-19, your business may have more people than usual working remotely, or maybe you have employees working remotely for the first time ever. Whatever the case, this pandemic may have revealed some holes in your company’s existing policies and procedures. Or worse yet, maybe you’ve put off writing down any of your company’s best practices at that’s causing your employees added difficulties. This crisis needs to be a wakeup call for business owners who need to put clear policies in place.

As the Houston Chronicle advises, “Workplace policies establish boundaries, guidelines, and best practices for acceptable behavior at your business. The purpose of policies such as these is they allow you to communicate to your employees the way you expect them to behave on the job.” Are your employees scrambling to remember if electronic copies need to be made of invoices? How much time goes by before follow-up phone calls to clients are made? How large of a purchase can be made without prior authorization? These are just some of the types of questions that should be included in your company’s policies. Not having workplace policies and procedures spelled out can result in missteps that can harm your business. But, when procedures are followed, there is consistency which makes for a more smoothly run business. Even in unforeseen circumstances.

But how do you even put together workplace policies? This is where we can help. We are offering a new service, Process Management. We will help you develop policies and procedures to make sure that important steps are not skipped in the day to day running of your business. This is something we’ve been developing for a long time, and are rolling out now to help companies who are struggling with the running of their business because of the challenges coronavirus is causing. Our team will boil all of your varied processes into one efficient, easy to follow operations manual. We’ll interview your employees and figure out what your standard operating procedures are, and disperse that information throughout your business.

As a business owner myself, I know how difficult this time is. It’s really helped that my company has policies and procedures in place so that my employees all know what is expected of them. Having clear communications and policies is something bosses can control, even when there is so much that has been taken out of our control during this outbreak. Reach out to us if we can be of any assistance at all during this trying time.