The One Service Your Business Needs Now

Small businesses are slowly adjusting to a new normal during this pandemic. It’s a good time to asses how your business was able to handle the crisis. Did your employees know what your company’s policies and procedures were? Did they know where to find important files? Was it easy for them to know how to keep your customers happy? If you’re realizing that the answer is no, it’s probably because you need help getting your business processes in order.

What do we mean by business processes? Think back over the past few weeks when your business was forced to change. You probably had much less interaction not only between you and your employees, but between your company and your clients. How did it go? If balls were dropped, if you discovered your managers didn’t have the tools they needed, or your clients weren’t feeling taken care of, then your business processes were either need a tune-up, or maybe they didn’t exist at all. That’s where we can help. We can make your business run smoothly no matter if it’s during a crisis, or on a day to day basis.

VersaTel Solutions just launched a new service called Process Management. This is something we’ve been developing for a long time, and are rolling out now to help companies who are struggling with running their business because of the challenges coronavirus is causing. Our team will boil all of your varied processes into one efficient, easy to follow operations manual. We’ll interview your employees and figure out what your standard operating procedures are, and disperse that information throughout your business. Instead of confused employees trying to remember how things are done, you’ll have a manual they can all refer to. We’ll educate your employees on how to best meet your business goals. Knowing that our company has established policies and procedures that are easy to find and follow will give you peace of mind as you start ramping up your business. 

Let us know where you think your business can improve internally. Together, we will come up with new systems to make your business run more smoothly. We don’t know what ups and downs are ahead, but at VersaTel Solutions we can help smooth them out for your business.