3 Tips on Nailing Your Company Values

Every business has values. Whether you define them or not, your business runs on a set of principles that guide your decisions. Having strong core values makes decision-making easier for businesses, and helps the business stay focused on its vision.  A business’ mission, vision, and values are all connected. Your vision should dictate the kind … Continue reading 3 Tips on Nailing Your Company Values

3 Signs Your Business is Ready for a Bookkeeper

You can’t keep doing your books forever. There comes a point with any business that you need to hire a bookkeeper. Someone who tracks your income and expenses professionally and accurately. In fact, a bookkeeper is likely going to be a business’ first hire.  But sometimes businesses struggle to know if they’re ready for a … Continue reading 3 Signs Your Business is Ready for a Bookkeeper

3 Tips on Standing Out in A Crowded Field

Anyone who is familiar with social media marketing or just marketing in general know how crowded fields can be. There are thousands of marketing professionals, brand companies, CPA’s, consultants, etc out there each competing with each other. No matter who you are or what you do, you are in competition with other business.  With all … Continue reading 3 Tips on Standing Out in A Crowded Field

A Quick Guide to Quickbooks

If you’re a business owner, you’ve no doubt heard about Quickbooks. As a bookkeeping company, we know Quickbooks like the backs of our hands. But not everyone knows what Quickbooks is or how it can be useful. Something new businesses owners learn as they start is all these little things that seem like common knowledge … Continue reading A Quick Guide to Quickbooks

3 Ways Branding Can Make You Money

When businesses talk about branding the conversation usually focuses on the visual: logo, business cards, mugs, t-shirts, and signs. But branding is much deeper than any of these visual elements. It’s the story of your business and how you tell it.  Good branding needs to focus not just on what looks good, but on what … Continue reading 3 Ways Branding Can Make You Money

Is Remote Work Worth it? Here are 4 Pros and Cons. 

Many businesses are moving from a traditional office layout to embracing remote work. But is it really worth the money saved? With remote work comes a lot less oversight and a lot more trust on your workers.  Sometimes, having an office location is more ideal, and other times it’s a waste of money. It all … Continue reading Is Remote Work Worth it? Here are 4 Pros and Cons. 

A Bookkeeping Guide for Beginners

For every business owner, self-employed individual, or freelancer, you need to keep your finances organized. The biggest reason why most businesses fail is because they don’t know their numbers.  The biggest reason why businesses don’t know their numbers is not because they’re too lazy to get themselves organized, but they just don’t know how to … Continue reading A Bookkeeping Guide for Beginners

4 Tips For Better Organization

Every business runs on some form of creativity. Whether you’re a design company, a bakery, a barbershop quartet, or a tennis court, your business is creating something even if it’s nothing more than an experience.  In order to keep that creativity profitable and consistent, you need to be organized. Organization and creativity may seem to … Continue reading 4 Tips For Better Organization