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Tips To Network Successfully

I’m so excited to lead a new networking chapter in Fairfax, Nexco. It was founded by a great group of businessmen whom I consider friends, and I’m honored to have been chosen to be the voice of this particular chapter.

I’ve done a lot of networking over the years, and I hear people say all of the time how much they hate networking. I disagree. I think networking can be fun, and quite beneficial if done right. ¬†Follow these steps to not only enjoy networking, but to do it successfully as well.


First off, remember that networking is not about you landing a job/client. It’s about gaining information from a business and giving enough information about yours in order for them to use that as a stepping stone. It’s a means to an end, not the end.


When you enter the room, first go to those you know. It will make the transition easier, especially if your nervous. Plus, those you know, know you best, and may already have met someone they think would be a good referral for you. ¬†When you meet someone, don’t make it all about you. Networking is much like dating; it’s an opportunity to get to know them and in turn, for them to get to know you. This is where you gauge whether there is a connection between your businesses, or possibly between them and one that you know.

After a networking event, reach out to those you wish to continue a conversation with. Ask them for coffee within 2 weeks of meeting. This way, the conversation stays fresh, and any topics that were hot or would be considered leads will still be warm when you meet.

Before you meet, do research on the business you’re meeting with. You want to look invested and interested in what they have to say and to offer. By being educated, they may be more interested in connecting you to other professionals as well.


Now, for that pesky “I hate networking” feeling of yours. Make yourself a promise to go to x number of networking events (tomorrow’s event is a great start!) and to make X number of connections, and when you do, reward yourself with whatever small thing makes you happy. Part of what makes networking so overwhelming is, well, the actual events are overwhelming. But, as I say, the only way to eat a whole elephant is to take small bites, so relax! Think of this as an adventure, and a positive path to your success!


Join me tomorrow at Brion’s Grille in University Mall in Fairfax from 11:30-1pm for some great networking with local businesses!


You’re Using Social Media All Wrong-Here’s Why…

Social media can be scary for those who don’t understand it; those who do understand it, however, use it beautifully as the tool that it is, and excel in marketing their businesses. But, those who don’t understand it, underestimate it too, and by doing that, they end up wasting time and money-two things that are extremely rare these days.

Reading this you know which category you fit into, don’t you? Either you’re creating buzz or you’re not, and if you’re not then your strategy is all wrong! How do you know if you’re guilty of these offenses?

Consistency is incredibly important. Posting at least once a day, up to three times a day (any more than that and it can drive your followers crazy). Although there’s no rule about the times of day you should post, it is important to be consistent.

Granted you could post every day for years, and not make a dent if you’re not saying the right things. The quality is much more important than the quantity (even though the quantity is important too, but what does it matter if what you say isn’t interesting?) Think about what you would want to know or read if you were the follower of your business. Would it matter if you read “It’s a rainy day today!” No. No one cares. But, if you sell insurance and you said “Did you know you can get a $500 food reimbursement from your insurance if you lose power because of all of this rain?” See, that’s important information!

Again, when it comes to consistency and content, it’s important that these two marry. Make sure your tone and voice are consistent in the content you post. Don’t sound like a professional in one post, and like a teenager in the next. People can only read your voice, and build an opinion based on the voice they have created for you in their head. Consistency in your tone will help them build a trustworthy persona for you. If you can’t do the posting yourself, make sure you hire someone who will understand your voice, and post for you.

Social media is an important element to your marketing. If you don’t understand it, or don’t have the time to perfect it, contact us to help you navigate through all the platforms to find the ones that would work best for you, and help you stay on track to build your online presence!


As a small business, I feel it’s my duty to help others when they are interested in launching a business of their own. Frankly, I think a lot of our economic problems would be solved if we simply shopped exclusively with small businesses, but I understand that isn’t always realistic. A friend of mine recently decided to branch out on her own and start her own business, and I couldn’t be happier. I do believe she will be a huge success, and so can you ( you small business owners!), and here are my suggestions on building a strong foundation to build a successful business upon!


First, you need to create a vision; not a business plan. I think business plans can get confusing and frustrating, and the idea some people have-that they can’t start a business without one-will stop most people from even trying. I say, build your plan as you build your business. You can’t know what’s going to happen in the next five years, so how will you project for your business? It is important though to have a clear vision of what you are, what you want to be, and how you think you can get there. If you don’t know how, don’t fret-that will come to you eventually.

Make a list, make a ‘vision’ board, use cut outs, magazine pages, whatever it takes to help you pull together a tangible goal for your business. After this, make a list of your ideal clients. Write down the characteristics of these people; while you’re at it, write down who you DON’T want too. This will help you clearly visualize and recognize what behavior or types of clients to avoid. Writing all of this down, making a board or list of what you want and don’t want will motivate you and bring you closer to materializing your business. It’s important to know what to identify in your ideal client, so when you meet them, the light bulb in your head goes off and that voice says, “Hey! You! You’re the one I want!”


After you’ve visualized and created what your business will look like, it’s time to hit the street! Well, not exactly; but you do want to make your presence known. I say this all the time at networking events, to clients, and to friends, you must hit all the marketing trifecta’s points in order to be successful. Point 1.)Network: You must network and become well known in your area. Everyone you meet at these events essentially become mini salespeople for you. If they like you, and get to know you well, they will refer you. Point 2.) Social Media: Don’t just hit all of them thinking one of them will work; instead, concentrate on those platforms that make the most sense to your business, and link up with those professionals you meet at those networking events! Point 3.) Touch Back: Send an email to all those you networked with to touch base and expand on who you are. This will help you stand out in their minds. Touch base with referrals also; and don’t forget to touch base with those you meet with. It’s best to keep in the front of people’s minds, instead of falling into the background.


If you start your business off with these in mind, you’ll be on the right track! Of course there’s the financial side of things, but that’s best left for a future blog. Tell me what you think are the best places to start when launching your business here! And, if you have a small business, and are at the point where you can’t run and maintain it at the same time, peruse the website and contact me if my companies administrative details will help you further your success!


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